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March 2013 Bride

I just want to say how incredibly grateful I am to WenWen Zaspa, Abbai Pila and team for my wedding hair and makeup. Thanks for your flawless work and for making me look like my best self on my special day. Here is one of the photos taken by Mark Cantalejo on my wedding day which was on the cover of Sun.Star's Wedding & BHW Supplement on April 18th.

Profile: Makeup by Eliza Mae

Yvonne Dale A. Fernan

Contact Info:
Mobile: +639235536778

High Fashion/Glamour Makeup, Face Art Makeup, Bridal/Prenuptial Makeup, Photo/Print Makeup, Pageant/Stage Makeup, basically makeup for any occasion.

I am a mother of two and a self-taught makeup artist. I work in collaboration with my husband, who is a freelance photographer, and we always try to achieve greatness with every photo shoot that we organize. As part of my services, I also try to share what I learn with others, especially those parts where I myself had a tough time with.  Within my two years of experience, I've always strived to learn more and do my best to broaden my knowledge and skills while being able to create my very own work of art. One day I wish to be able to create my own cosmetic line that is both affordable and of great quality.

"Makeup is more than just cosmetics on a face, it is about the art and beauty that defines the person behind it."

Cebu's Makeup Artists Sound Off: MAKEUP YOUR MIND

Ask any businessperson and he or she will probably tell you that not all customers are a dream to work with. The same is often true for makeup artists. As makeup artists, they find themselves having to strike a balance between pleasing the client and  applying their own professional stamp on the work they do. After all at the end of the day, what's most fulfilling to them is a job well done and the quality of their work can only be reflected on what their clients look like. What most people don't realize is that makeup artists deal with a lot of attitude on a regular basis because each person they work on is different.

We asked them what they find most annoying when it comes to dealing with clients and they revealed their thoughts below.

"What annoys me the most are clients who ask for too much discount and expect freebies with my services.I aspire to always give my clients professional service so I expect to be treated like a professional. Asking for too much discount cheapens my profession so I abhor it." -Ramil Solis

"A client who requests for a look that I know for certain won't suit them. I want clients to just trust me because I do know what I'm doing." -Romero Vergara

"Yes number one gyud na ang kusog mo hangyo then labad pa gyud kaayo...labad in a way nga they don't know what looks they want, ang ending cge ug change until nga dili nice ang result..." -Wenwen Zaspa

"What annoys me a lot is when a client pushes me to do a makeup style that really doesn't really suit them and the occasion to the point that it will ruin the makeup, because I have to constantly adjust and change and erase and get my point. Also I get really annoyed when the client easily tears up especially those who are not used to false lashes and eyeliners." -Jomer Arances

"Late clients really affect my schedule. Oh and one more thing, I don't enjoy doing makeup on clients with semi-permanent lashes. This bothers me especially when I'm doing eye makeup because the powder becomes messy." -Jessie Glova

"I had one client who was very demanding and at the same time confusing because she didn't want me to apply any liquid foundation, mineral foundation, or concealers (although she did have several imperfections that I feel I needed to hide under makeup). She also didn't want lipstick, blush on, or  eyeshadow, however, she did request lip tint and regular baby powder on her face. I didn't know what to say. I was really annoyed. She should have just trust me because she chose me to be her HMUA and as an HMU you want your client to properly reflect the kind of work that you do." -Crissy Yongco
So friends, the next time you're in a makeup chair remember two major things: 
1) Communicate your expectations clearly with your makeup artist, but also learn to listen to their feedback. After all, they're the expert. 
2) Give your makeup artist utmost respect just like you would with any other professional. This includes giving them the compensation they deserve for their time and talent.

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